What is Macular Degeneration?

Have you been living with these symptoms? They may be the first signs of macular generation.

  • Noticeable changes in your central vision like distortion or waviness or small blind spots
  • Your ability to see colors and fine detail has become impaired

Macular degeneration is the deterioration of the central portion of the retina, the macula. The macula is responsible for sharp central vision and controls our ability to read and see objects in fine detail. Macular degeneration is common among adults over 50. There are two types of age-related macular degeneration: dry macular degeneration and wet macular degeneration. 

Dry macular degeneration is the thinning of the macula, causing reduced and blurred vision which often develops gradually and without pain. Wet macular degeneration always begins as dry macular degeneration and is caused by fluid or blood that leaks into the macula. Early detection and treatment of wet macular degeneration may help reduce vision loss and, in some cases, recover vision.

Our Treatment Plan

Although there’s no current cure for macular degeneration, there are proven treatments that may be effective to slow its progression or even reverse some of the vision loss.  The best way to detect this eye disease is through comprehensive routine eye exams. 


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